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Two Doors Entertainment is a multidisciplinary boutique post house located in Los Angeles, California.

We focus on Sound Design, Mixing, DUB and Audio Post-production for multiple visual mediums and platforms & music  services such as Songwriting, Arrangements, Orchestration, Production, Mixing and Master.

Sergio Torres-Letelier is a Chilean born Music & Film Producer. An eclectic film composer, songwriter, arranger and producer. His music depicts an array of tones and genres such as Bluegrass, Electronic, Orchestral, Neofolk, POP, Rock, South-American folk among other genres. As a film producer he focuses in creative development, as well as in executive production and post-production coordination and supervision (Sound & Music Production).

Sergio Torres Letelier

Music & Film Producer

Feri is a music producer, mixing engineer and sound designer from Cuernavaca, Mexico. He has produced and mixed film scores, singles, and albums . 

He has worked along side producers and engineers such as Greg Wells, Prince Charles Alexander, Kenny O'brien & Ian MacGregor. As a sound designer Feri has created and produce the sound for short films, short documentaries, feature films, Television, and podcasts.

Feri Gutierrez Arcelus
Sound Engineer, Music Producer

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