Two Doors Entertainment is a multidisciplinary boutique post house located in Los Angeles, California.

We focus on Sound Design, Mixing, DUB and Audio Post-production for multiple visual mediums and platforms & music  services such as Songwriting, Arrangements, Orchestration, Production, Mixing and Master.

Sergio Torres-Letelier is a Chilean born Music & Film Producer. An eclectic film composer, songwriter, arranger and producer. His music depicts an array of tones and genres such as Bluegrass, Electronic, Orchestral, Neofolk, POP, Rock, South-American folk among other genres. As a film producer he focuses in creative development, as well as in executive production and post-production coordination and supervision (Sound & Music Production).

Sergio Torres Letelier

Music & Film Producer

Feri is a music producer, mixer and sound designer from Cuernavaca, Mexico. He has produced and mixed film scores, singles, albums and live music (shows and tours). 

He has worked along side producers and engineers such as Greg Wells, Prince Charles Alexander, Kenny O'brien & Ian MacGregor. As a sound designer Feri has created and produce the sound for short films, short documentaries, feature films, Television, and podcasts.

Feri Gutierrez Arcelus
Sound Engineer, Music Producer

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